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    The team of VitalOne designs and runs unique StartUp Accelerator programs for corporates in health care. We love to support Digital Health projects!



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  • For StartUps


    What We Are Looking For


    VitalOne Digital Health Accelerator invites you to submit your innovative healthcare projects. We are looking for new software, hardware, technologies or processes to improve healthcare outcomes .


    Who this is for
    • digital health startups
    • developer teams
      What it’s about

    Digital health solutions in advanced prototype stage or further:

    • software
    • hardware
    • digital technologies
    • services
    • mobile apps
    • wearables
    • medical devices
    • healthcare processes




  • For Corporations


    Accelerating Corporate Innovation

    For many established enterprises it is most difficult to keep pace with digital innovation and new business models.

    There most helpful structure for their current business keeps them back with slower innovation and execution.


    On the other side professional digital start-ups form a new competition by covering new markets very fast due to new technologies which have the potential to disrupt the current business models and existing value chains.


    What is the solution ?


    Supercharge your corporate innovation! Run your own corporate accelerator program or join our

    Digital Health Accelerator in partnership with bloomblisser.com

  • About

    VitalOne Digital Health StartUp Accelerator is a health innovation platform. We design and run unique StartUp Accelerator programs for corporates in health care. We connect startups to corporations and act as company builder.

    We get asked a lot about what we do. Are we an accelerator? A Co-investor? A place for corporate innovation? A company builder?

    The truth is, we are all of those things and more. Many entrepreneurs pass through our corporate-specific accelerator programs and team up with our corporate partners. And, yes, we invest in startups. We make seed investments in our own accelerator program.

    Stop by and connect with us !  

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